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Release, Relax, Restore


 Reiki is a well respected part of complementary health.  Energy that vitalizes the body and mind often get stagnant due to stress, fear, and trauma causing emotional and physical distress. Sessions include gentle hand placements on the body that coincide with the 7 main energy centers referred to as the chakras.  The flow of your energy will be stimulated and improved, enabling your own inherent abilities for self-healing through the relaxation response.  

Reiki with a Twist

See description for Reiki & add any gentle stretches and or balance challenges.

This service has become Lily's Lofts favorite session.

Reiki with a Twist & Meditation

Reiki with a Twist & then some Meditation.  Order of this session usually is stretching, meditation, then Reiki.  Talk about initiating the calm into your nervous system

No Reiki Please

 Walking into a crowded yoga class can be as stressful as walking into a crowded Starbucks and not having any idea what a venti  is!

Enjoy a private session to work on any poses or area of tightness or create a gentle & refreshing flow of movements. 

Movement & Meditation plus one

Enjoy the benefits of calming your nervous system to promote self-healing with a friend, sibling, parent, significant other.  Any options mentioned in other services can be included to tailor your specific needs.

Our Services

Reiki with a Twist 

has become Lily's Loft signature session.

To receive fuller benefits and relief from stress, anxiety grief, and stored trauma, your body & mind needs to be leveled out a bit to enhance the energetic flow of Reiki to promote self-healing.

Lower back tight?

Hips need some mobility?

Neck  and shoulders holding tension?

Reiki with a Twist is offered as an option to help you attain a level of stillness

before your Reiki session begins.

Check out our variety of choices.

See what you think suits you best.


  • Street parking (metered and non-metered)

  • Sessions are one-on-one

  • Female oriented 

  • Consider a series of 4 sessions

  • Email any questions

  • COVID protocol below

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