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Lily's Loft


Find your Home.

Be Centered.

Marybeth Palumbo

Founder | MA in Counseling | E-RYT, Certified Registered Yoga Teacher with over 1,000 teaching hours, Trauma Informed Trained | Certified Level 3 Reiki Practitioner

Marybeth's intention is for you to feel safe, understood, and at ease. 

Ruminating in negative self-talk and storing trauma in the body inhibits our natural rhythms, causing  imbalances within the 7 main energy centers.

Reiki,  along with other possible options, such as allowing yourself to experience gentle stretches, challenging your balance  and /or beginning to quiet the critical mind chatter through meditation and or breath work. as we strive together to promote release and self-healing. 


If negative thoughts can make us sick, then positive thoughts can help us heal.  Let us work together to counteract the constant static of the mind and begin to cultivate self-healing.


"This is my simple religion...

There is no need for temples.

There is no need for complicated philosophy.

Our own brain, our own heart is the temple.

The philosophy

is loving kindness and compassion"

-Dalai Lama-


Lily's Loft

Make the trek... be uplifted

If finances are preventing the self-care you desire, do not let that hinder the experience Lily's Loft provides.  Email concerns and we will work together to serve you.

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